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Sequoyah Cherokee River Journal


Is a Los Angeles native, and is a neurodiverse, Pushcart-nominated poet with a B.A. in mathematics and a minor in philosophy from Pitzer College (’19). His debut poetry collection, Becoming Vulnerable, details his experience with autism, addiction, sobriety and spirituality (Baxter Daniels Ink Press/International Word Bank; April 2020). Corwin hosts the poetry podcast “Assiduous Dust,” home of the on-the-spot collaborative poem (OTSCP). He teaches self-exploration through poetry to neurodiverse addicts in recovery at The Miracle Project, an autism nonprofit, held at The Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, California. He writes to honor his grandpa, Mert, whose last words to him were “Don’t ever stop writing.” See more at his website:

12:01 AM

I can hear the shine in your eyes
on the other end of the telephone.

When I speak like this,
I feel authentic
and not heavy.

I don’t have to tattoo meaning in the air
to know what you mean.

I remember when you first told me…
apropos of nothing…
about the different levels of charitable donation.

I was sitting right across from you — over there.
(You in that armchair, me in this one: our eyes.)

You said there’s the donor who gives large sums
and puts a placard on the wall, signifying
who it’s from;

and then there’s the other one who gives…
but remains anonymous.

Your words hanging like a phantom,
I didn’t have to be who I thought I was;

you were once me,
once where I was…

In that moment, I knew.

Copyright © 2020 Joshua Corwin
First appeared in Al-Khemia Poetica. September 3, 2019.
Nominated for 2019 Pushcart Prize.


12:01 AM

Ꭳn tᎮ ᎣtᎮr Ꭱnd Ꭳf tᎮ ᏖᎴpᎰᏁ.

WᎮn Ꭲ ᏍpᎡᎠk ᎵkᎡ tᎯᏍ,
Ꭲ fᎡᎡl ᎠᎤtᎮnᏘc
Ꭰnd Ꮓt ᎮᎠᎥy.

Ꭲ Ꮩn't ᎭᎥᎡ tᎣ ᏔttᎣᎣ ᎺᎠᏂng Ꭲn tᎮ ᎠᎢr
tᎣ kᏃw wᎭt ᏲᎤ ᎺᎠn.

Ꭲ rᎡᎺmbᎡr wᎮn ᏲᎤ fᎢrᏍt tᎣld Ꮊ...
ᎠprᎣpᎣᏍ Ꭳf ᏃtᎯng...
ᎠbᎣᎤt tᎮ ᏗffᎡrᎡnt ᎴᎥᎡlᏍ Ꭳf cᎭrᎢᏔbᎴ ᏙᎾᏘᎣn.

Ꭲ ᏩᏍ ᏏtᏘng rᎢght ᎠcrᎣᏍᏍ frᎣm ᏲᎤ—ᎣᎥᎡr tᎮrᎡ.
(ᏲᎤ Ꭲn tᎭt ᎠrmcᎭᎢr, Ꮊ Ꭲn tᎯᏍ ᎣᏁ: ᎣᎤr ᎡᏰᏍ.)

Ꭰnd pᎤtᏍ Ꭰ pᎳcᎠrd Ꭳn tᎮ Ꮹll, ᏏgᏂfᏱng 
wᎰ Ꭲt'Ꮝ frᎣm;

Ꭰnd tᎮn tᎮrᎡ'Ꮝ tᎮ ᎣtᎮr ᎣᏁ wᎰ ᎩᎥᎡᏍ...

ᏲᎤr ᏬrdᏍ ᎭnᎩng ᎵkᎡ Ꭰ pᎭntᎣm,
Ꭲ Ꮧdn't ᎭᎥᎡ tᎣ bᎡ wᎰ Ꭲ tᎰᎤght Ꭲ ᏩᏍ;

ᏲᎤ ᏪrᎡ ᎣncᎡ Ꮊ,
ᎣncᎡ wᎮrᎡ Ꭲ ᏩᏍ...

Ꭲn tᎭt ᎼᎺnt, Ꭲ kᏁw.

(*Note: The poem “12:01 AM” was originally written by Joshua Corwin ©. This poem was translated by Native American Translator Mysti S. Milwee ©.)

Published by mystismilwee

(Painter, Poet, Digital Artist, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, Lyricist, Spoken Word Poet, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Dancer, Theatrical Performer, Screenwriter, Synesthete, Philosopher, Academician, Motivational Speaker)......see my page for Biography

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